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Successful Living – Wellness Trends for 2017

Here is my take on what I notice and predict to be health and wellness trends you’ll hear about or should know about in 2017.

  1. Gut – quite literally, everything about your mid-section (stomach, colon, intestines). It’s funny how we talk about ‘trusting your gut’ when you make those decisions based on your ‘feels’.

But the wellness industry is looking at the connection between mind and body via your gut. I recently picked up a book on this to dabble in understanding a little more on your innards.


About Socially Upward

Welcome to Socially Upward!

I created this site because I struggled with various challenges:

  • Not knowing what to say when meeting new people at parties, professional events, gatherings
  • Getting nervous and fidgety – super poor body language
  • Lacking social awareness
  • Dressing poorly
  • Expecting the world to give a damn about me, me, me (ugh)

So this is my way of teaching you how to move from being ‘socially awkward’ to SOCIALLY UPWARD. That means:

  • Get better at meeting people
  • Learn new things
  • Have fun in life
  • Make more money
  • Enhance your health

Live the socially upward lifestyle you deserve.