Shake It Up, Shake It Off


After hitting (too many) social events and networking mixers over the years, you get a feel for who attends and what to do.  Before it gets blasé, you want to shake it up a bit! Maybe try to be creative. How do you shake things up successfully?

So I tried to shake it up at a recent event. It was a legal professional conference (yea, I dabble in law a bit), with the attendance about 60% students (either in law school or newly graduated and in-training). [Sidebar: knowing the type of attendees is something you’ll need to be aware of when determining what events to attend.]

This conference was probably the fifth or sixth I’ve attended in the last…five or six years. Same shit, different pile year. By that, I mean:

  • Same routine questions (“What do you do?” “How did you get in there?” Etc.) 
  • The same types of networkers (although, at this particular one, lots of socially awkward’s)
  • Same topics talked about that don’t really appeal

So just to eff with people experiment and be creative, when attendees asked me “What do you do?” (with their expectation that I would say [legal something role @ ABC Inc.], I instead replied:

“I’m a model.”

Oh, right, you might want to know what I look like. That’s a fair question (and not at all superficial!) So, here’s a sorta rough photo of me below.

<<Drumroll please…>>

The Big Reveal: Johnny Elle in the flesh!
Johnny Elle of in the flesh.. and that hair!

Anyways, back to my story. (OK, I’ll wait a bit while your heart rate calms down a bit.)

So when I said I was a model, the counter-reply was:

“Oh you mean a HAND model?”

Even sadder is that I really have dry hands so I can’t even claim to be a hand model! As you see, there are two ways to handle this:

1)The loser’s way: Scream, defend, insist you’re hot.

2)The Socially Upward way: Just SHAKE IT OFF

Actually, jazz artists put it a better way: dust yourself off, and get back up again. Actually-actually, ninjas do one better and say:

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”

Although this 90s classic hits the point home:

On your way to success, to being socially upward…you will meet challenges, detractors, critics, trolls, haters…you name it. It’ll be mentally tough on you. But slog through it you must. Remember what Dale Carnegie said:

“Nobody kicks a dead dog.”

If you were a nobody, you’d be invisible. But as a Socially Upward, that means you have wealth, health, acumen and upward mobility. People hate you for that. People will hate you for your success.

Has anyone brought you down lately? Mocked your new fitness regime? Mocked you for trying to look your best? For trying your best?

So don’t get down, keep being socially upward.

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  1. Yeah, I try to get away from those questions at event. My goto question is “where you gonna finish that slider”

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