Don’t be Charlie Brown

There, I said it and I say it again: Don’t be Charlie Brown.

If you have ever read Peanuts, you’ll recall a common scene with Charlie Brown being goaded into punting the football held in place by Lucy. (Background: Charlie would hesitate to partake in the charade but Lucy would goad him and say, ‘don’t worry Charlie, I won’t yank the ball away like last time!‘ And then pulls the ball away.)

I write this during the holidays. Apart from Home Alone or Sound of Music, a Peanuts Christmas comes to mind this season. Hence the Charlie Brown motif.

As the year closes, it also means it’s typically a time for reflection and planning for the upcoming new year.

Rather than the same loosey-goosey goals like lose weight, learn a new language or “get fitter”…here is a MANTRA for 2017 (and beyond) I want you to take on:

“I will NOT be Charlie f–king Brown.”

In fact, be like Peter Griffin:

I previously wrote about the adage “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on ME”. Don’t screw it up like George Bush II did:

Think about how many times you have been “Charlie Brown”. Falling for the same tricks, like:

  • Broken promises by someone
  • Being thrown under the bus by the same fuckers co-workers time and again
  • Getting stood up (Sidebar: not any more since we’re Socially Upward!)
  • Getting ghosted by that girl/guy you had a few good dates with
  • Being used (or worse, people taking credit for your hard work)

But no more. You/I are NOT Charlie f–king Brown.

Repeat after me (3x):

“I am NOT Charlie f–king Brown.”

“I am NOT Charlie f–king Brown.”

“I am NOT Charlie f–king Brown.”


Take stock of and reflect on time(s) when you have been Charlie Brown.

  • Who was “Lucy”? (E.g. co-worker? boyfriend? girl who uses you cos she knows you’re an AFC?)
  • What was the “football” (E.g. expected date? promised promotion?)
  • How will you stop being Charlie f–king Brown?

OK, I’ll end this post before your reflection leaves you fuming. Here’s some relaxing music to calm you down:




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