Vacating the Vacation Mindset

Australians the symbol of vacation
Fun in the Sun yet?


What do Spring break, people’s feeds on Facebook/Instagram, and billboard ads have in common? Well it’s vacation time for people. Granted, after college, vacations can happen when you want it too.

I bring up vacations because I noticed recently being inundated with pictures, radio ads, emails, billboards and posts about vacation. “Escape your humdrum dreary life of 9-5” by taking off to [INSERT HOT SPOT or cliche tourist spot].

I admit it, I have a weakness: getting jealous of other people’s vacation. I project that they got an awesome deal, banged some hot exotic chick/dude no strings attached, and had the time of their lives. (Never mind the more probabilistic reality of flight delays, surly airport security, unionized and decrepit airline stews, and hordes of tourists.)

But here’s a great quote (from marketing guru Seth Godin) as an anti-dote to vacation-envy:

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.”

Yes, to be a social upward, it means you live a f–king kick-ass life that you don’t need to escape. (Caveat: Travel is great, as is exploring new cities/cultures/women, ahem, people).

Another great quote:

“Wherever you go, there you are.”

Meaning: even if you go on vacation to escape the blahs of where you are, do you really escape? Will you escape by moving cities?

  • If you’re someone who is normally pissy and gets set off, chances are you’ll be like that in your new destination
  • Your problems you (temporarily) leave behind don’t necessarily disappear like *POOF*

“People spend more time planning their vacations they do planning their lives”

You’re not going to move up the social mobility ladder if you spend more time dreaming and planning your vacation INSTEAD OF:

  • Building useful (i.e. employable) and  life skills
  • Developing a habit of reading GOOD, SOLID books that will stretch your mind
  • Working on your health with a view to being preventative instead of reactive to illnesses and ailments

Again, let me be clear: taking vacations are fine. What a social upward should do is make sure:

  • Your vacation is not about escape
  • You stop comparing yourself to other’s (supposed) better life and better exotic luxury trips
  • You remember that you can relax, de-compress and enjoy life where you are without having to keep up with the Joneses (or the Chans or the Patels)
  • You develop the mindfulness mindset and appreciate what you have. If you don’t have “it” or “what” yet, take steps to get them!

Happy Spring, everyone!


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