Spring is Here! Time for a Self-Renewal

Bill Evans
Spring is here!

It’s been about a month after the first day of spring. But it sure hasn’t felt like it, at least not in Toronto. Worse if you are in eastern Canada…BUT with May just around the corner, warmer temps are coming.

With spring, it’s usually a time to do the annual spring clean. Clear out the garage, sub-out your winter clothes for brighter, lighter colours. Whereas New Year’s day is about the new year and new goals, Springtime promotes within us a feeling to renew and rejuvenate yourself. To be socially upward, it’s a great idea to ‘spring clean’ your surroundings, your body and your thoughts. Here are some tips to get you on your spring clean cleanse rejuvenation regime:

  1. Cleaning up

Gawd, isn’t it easier to just procrastinate on cleaning up? After all, the moment you re-order or tidy up (e.g. emptying out clutter), it seems to create more clutter.

Tactic: To combat the clean-up procrastination, go in spurts. Ten-minute intervals, to be exact. So spend TEN minutes tidying up (getting rid of paper, putting away winter clothes, etc.). This allows you to feel accomplished and it’s quick.

2. Mental cleanse

It’s no wonder that mental wellness has gained mainstream near-acceptance. We live in anxious times, full of worries, self-doubt, and such. I am my own worst enemy and you are probably too.

I am starting meditation and really trying to keep it simple. No pizzazz, no freaky cultish stuff, no over-the-top over-priced meditation sessions (like at tm.org). Instead, it’s learning to zone in and let my thoughts drift away.


Now that it’s getting better to go outside, let’s take a moment to use our lunch time to walk outside. When it’s cold, we tend to make excuses to stay indoors. (“It’s too windy, it’s grey out…). But now that it’s sunny, NO EXCUSES.

Sitting is the new smoking, they say. To combat this, make sure you move. Walking is so easy, free and hey, it’s time to check out the ladies baring their skirts!  😉


So take a look at the three points I raised in this post. The aim is to just START. You gain momentum by starting small. In doing these three areas, you will get your spring cleanse and pave the way to a more socially upward lifestyle!

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