ToolKit to Keep you Socially Upward

sherlock holmes deduction toolkit
Be Like Sherlock Holmes and Deduce Your Way to Social Upward Greatness

You need a toolkit of sorts to keep you on track to socially upward greatness.

Some Context:

A contact reached out to me recently seeking some legal help to help her get some money back from a service provider. She was furious. She wanted justice. She felt ripped off. After a bit of email conversing to get her story, I laid out some of her options. More important, I let her know that she had to pay. I mean, good help isn’t free, right?

Her response…

Cricket chirps as a Tool Kit indicator

That led me to this toolkit of sorts – where you have to deduce other people’s actions and behaviour. Failing to do that, will drive you nuts. Why? Because you will waste time and energy when you could have recognized the warning signs upfront. Heed the warning signs, you save your valuable time and energy. Time and energy that you could use to build your socially upward life. 

Socially Upward Tool Kit – Indicators to Know About

1) Money

As the above story relates, money is a huge indicator. Are people willing to part with their money to do or back up what they SAY?

  • If you’re building a product or providing a service, have people shelled out cash for your product/service?
  • Where and how do people spend their money? Is it on booze, boobs and Netflix or is it on books and a gym membership?

2) Radio Silence

Oh, this indicator could also be called ‘crickets chirping’. What I am getting at is silence speaks volumes.

In fact as Ari Gold would say:

  • Ever texted a ‘love’ interest and got zero response? MOVE ON (don’t waste time going after someone who doesn’t want you!)
  • Do friends fail to get back to your invite? So be it. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED. Have fun by yourself or find others.

3) Hypocrisy (aka Watch what people DO, not what they say)

People will never cease to shock me with their contradictions.

  • Going on a detox (e.g. no sugar, no salt) or a raw food diet…but SMOKE 3-4 cigarettes a day (Uh, I think smoking will take away any gains from a diet or detox
  • Talking a good game about how important their career is but bitch and moan about work-life balance or how the ‘patriarchy’ keeps you down instead of, you know, DOING THE WORK to advance!

So from this point about “Hypocrisy”, don’t take people’s words at face value. Obvious as that sounds, I am sure you have fallen for people’s sweet talk.


A) Think back to your recent dealings and experiences. Reflect on how “Money”, “Radio Silence” and “Hypocrisy” have factored in. Find the a-ha moment.

B) Don’t beat yourself up if you got fooled. Use the three indicators as your toolkit to reading people and avoiding needless wasted time and effort.

Got a story to share? Let us know in the comments section below!

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