InJustice League

justice league or injustice league of nerds
Sorta super hero bunch… an anti justice league?

Did you hear about the new superhero movie coming out called “The Injustice League”? The main characters are:

  • Frustrated Flash
  • Righteous Robin
  • Stewing Superman
  • Angry Ant-man

You see, these characters have banded together to find against these injustices:

  • People winning the genetic lottery (e.g. naturally thin, nice blue eyes, come from a rich family, etc.)
  • Getting passed over by those who are better at socializing, sucking up, making work alliances by going out for coffee or smoke breaks instead of, y’know, actually working
  • People expressing unpopular opinions on Twitter, especially if a celebrity like Shania Twain said something unpopular for the masses

Together, these lame heroes tackled these injustices, grow bitter, older, fatter and have made zero impact on the word.


Sounds like a horrible movie. A crappy comic. And an even worse way to live.

Remember the previous post on dealing with idiots. There are some things you cannot control.  

But what can you control?

  • Your skill set
  • Your ability to be stoic in face of all those (perceived) injustices
  • Moving on from being worried, acting righteous, stewing and angry

(On that last point, you may need to channel some Kylo Ren:

kylo ren thrashing with his light sabre
An Example of Venting and Letting Go a little.


  1. Write out a few areas where you feel you have been wronged causing you to stew, or get angry
  2. Can you yourself get out of your comfort zone or righteousness to do what you condemn?
    1. Example: You see people taking smoke breaks and coffee breaks with others to relationship build.
    2. Pain in the ass but this investment in time is doubly productive for your nemesis
    3. She is hard at work at HARDLY WORKING plus she builds her reputation as likeable and un-fireable
    4. Why not you? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em
  3. Will any of what makes you stew/angry/fretful matter in one year or more from now? It definitely won’t if you have a mission and are making steps chipping away at your mission

What do you stew about? Let me know in the comments!

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